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Bar And Bat Mitzvahs Celebration Package


Celebrate your Bar or Bat Mitzvahs at King Street Orchard King Street Orchard in Redlands is more than just a venue; it's a picturesque escape nestled in the heart of nature, making it an ideal location for hosting a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration.

You can choose to have both your Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony and celebration at the orchard or just your celebration.

With its charming ambiance, lush surroundings, and a plethora of amenities, King Street Orchard offers an unforgettable experience for Bar or Bat Mitzvah and their loved ones.

First and foremost, the natural beauty of King Street Orchard sets it apart as a fabulous location for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party. The orchard is adorned with rows of vibrant fruit trees, creating a stunning backdrop for celebratory photos and creating a serene atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Whether it's the blossoming flowers in spring or the rich foliage of autumn, each season brings its own unique charm to the orchard, ensuring a visually captivating setting for the occasion.

The spaciousness of King Street Orchard provides ample room for hosting your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah intimate gathering with close family and friends.

We offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations for up to 60 people. However, can adjust the number of guest.

The Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Celebration Package Is $1800 and includes:

  • Timeless games for all ages to enjoy
  • Tables, chairs, clothe table clothes and napkins for up to sixty people
  • Five hours of celebration time
  • Three hours of set-up time before your party
  • A booth backdrop
  • Party props for the photo backdrop
  • A dozen balloons
  • Keepsake memory book


  • Dance floor $300
  • Signature Mocktail $100
  • High grade disposable plate settings and silverware for your guest $50
  • Day of event coordinator $300


We will provide you with a preferred vendor list
Vendors not on the preferred vendor list need to be approved by King Street Orchard


Insurance for day of event is required. This insurance can be purchased for as little as $119.
"Your agreement with us requires you to obtain liability insurance for your event. Insurance can be purchased online from eWed Insurance. Please click the following link to purchase insurance for your event: Using this link will ensure the right coverage is bought. Once purchased all documents are automatically emailed to you and us. If you would like to speak with an insurance specialist at eWed, please call 800-426-1064."

In addition, to King Street Orchard's natural beauty and amenities, King Street Orchard also offers the convenience of being easily accessible from Redlands and surrounding areas. Located just a short drive from downtown, the orchard provides a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing guests to escape into nature without venturing too far from home.

You are welcome to tour our fabulous celebration site in its natural beauty, spaciousness warmth. You can contact us through the King Street Orchard website, click here or phone us 949-380-8000.

Whether you're looking to celebrate amidst the blossoms of spring or the colors of autumn, the orchard provides a picturesque backdrop for creating lasting memories with your loved ones. With its charming ambiance and abundance of offerings, King Street Orchard truly is the perfect setting for a memorable Bar/ Bat Mitzvah celebration.