King Street Orchard's Bridal Shower Agreement


This bridal shower  agreement("Agreement"), is entered into on _____________________, between (Lessee)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ and (Lessor) King Street Orchard, LLC.

The parties hereto intend to be legally bound and agree as follows:


King Street Orchard, LLC grants the lessee the use of the King Street Orchard outdoor area for a bridal shower celebration on

__________________ for up to sixty people. The outdoor area consists of an outdoor deck area, grass area, and an outdoor area surrounded by white fencing.

Date/Time Of Permitted Use

Access to King Street Orchard will begin at _________________ on the date of the event and will end at ___________________.

Rental Fee

Lessee shall pay King Street Orchard, LLC, $1200 to use their outdoor property.

A non-refundable $400 is due at the signing of the contract, $400 is due ten days before the event date, and $400 two days before the event is set up.


Lessee agrees to obtain $1,000,000 general liability insurance on the day of the bridal shower agreement and $2,000,000 if alcohol is being served.


If Lessee cancels this agreement less than ten days before their event, then the first and second scheduled payments shall be forfeited to King Street Orchard.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of California.


This agreement shall be signed by (Lessee) _____________________________________________ and by

(Lessor) King Street Orchard, LLC __________________________________________