In 2020 our family purchased a grove in Redlands, California. We feel we bought King Street Orchard at a deep discount.

We believe the reasons for our purchase price;

  • This property fell out of escrow twice, and it is Covid.
  • The home and orchard are unique and would not fit the needs of most residential buyers.
  • We learned it fell out of escrow because of the farmhouse condition.
  • We need to take the farmhouse down to the studs (All the walls and floor smell of urine and feces.) We find a variety of small dead animals under the house's crawl space and in the home's attic.
  • We need a new roof. The six layers of the old shingles have large holes in the attic.
  • The landscape needs love, the garage needs love, and the orchard needs lots of love.
  • The owner never lived in the house nor took care of the orchard.
  • All of the property needs can make you feel overwhelmed.

The location of our grove is King Street, so we chose King Street Orchard as our name.

Like our grove, our family is unique and demonstrates survival.

Our family members have experienced a wide array of rare diseases and conditions.

Like our family, it is a blessing that our orchard moves forward. Our frequent irrigation contributes to the blossoming of our orchard; the hundreds of trees we skirt create clean grove lines. We pull out thousands of weeds; many of the weeds stand over five feet tall.

I smile as I write about our family; my husband and I are AARP members. Our oldest daughter is a college graduate who creates and markets new ideas for King Street Orchard. Our youngest daughter is in college, and she computer codes away, click, click and click. She wants to make sure that you can discover King Street Orchard.

The following is a photo of our family:

best redlands citrus groves

Thank you for sharing our adventure with us.