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King Street Orchard: The Ultimate Venue for Television, Movie, and Commercial Shoots

King Street Orchard: The Ultimate Venue for Television, Movie, and Commercial Shoots







King Street Orchard in Redlands, California, is a hidden gem when choosing the perfect venue for television, movie, and commercial shoots. Its picturesque surroundings and versatile facilities make it the ideal location for various productions. If you are a Los Angeles location scout, please consider King Street Orchard for your next shoot.

Here are five compelling reasons why King Street Orchard deserves to be your top choice:

Scenic Beauty and Diverse Settings:
King Street Orchard boasts a stunning landscape that provides various natural settings. This venue offers diverse, picturesque backdrops, from lush orchards with fruit-laden trees to serene ponds and manicured gardens. Whether you’re filming a romantic scene, a suspenseful thriller, or a lively commercial, you’ll find the perfect setting at King Street Orchard. The beauty of the location enhances the visual appeal of any production, making it an ideal choice for filmmakers and advertisers.

Convenient Location:
In Redlands, California, King Street Orchard enjoys a strategically accessible location from major film production hubs like Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. This accessibility reduces travel time and expenses for cast and crew, making it a practical choice for production teams. Furthermore, the venue’s proximity to various amenities, including hotels, restaurants, and equipment rental facilities, ensures a smooth and hassle-free production experience.

Versatile Facilities and Infrastructure:
King Street Orchard offers a wide range of facilities and infrastructure that cater to the needs of television, movie, and commercial shoots. It features spacious soundstages, well-equipped dressing rooms, and production offices, providing essential resources for a successful shoot. The venue also offers state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, allowing seamless production without transporting bulky gear from distant locations.

Privacy and Exclusivity:
Privacy is often a paramount concern when filming, especially for high-profile projects. King Street Orchard offers a secluded and private environment that allows production teams to work without distractions or interruptions. The venue can be exclusively reserved for your production, ensuring your creative process remains undisturbed. This level of privacy is invaluable for projects that require a controlled and focused filming environment.

Experienced and Supportive Staff:
The success of any production often depends on the support and expertise of the venue’s staff. King Street Orchard prides itself on its professional and experienced team that is well-versed in the needs of the entertainment industry. From location scouting to logistics planning, the staff at King Street Orchard goes the extra mile to assist production teams in achieving their vision. Their dedication and knowledge make filming at the venue a seamless and enjoyable experience.

We invite you to check us out. King Street Orchard is undoubtedly one of the best television, movie, and commercial shoot venues. Its natural beauty, convenient location, versatile facilities, privacy, and supportive staff make it an outstanding choice for productions of all scales.

When you choose King Street Orchard as your filming location, you’re not just selecting a venue; you’re selecting an environment that enhances the creativity and quality of your project. Make King Street Orchard your next destination for captivating and successful shoots.

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