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Top Ten Avocado Grown In Southern California

Avocado fans worldwide associate Southern California with some of the finest and most diverse avocados.

Southern California, especially Redlands, California has climates similar to the  Mediterranean. 

Redlands has mild winters and warm summers, providing the ideal avocado cultivation conditions. As a result, Redlands has become a hotbed for avocado production, offering a wide range of avocado varieties to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Having a wide variety of avocados at King Street Orchard, Redlands, makes us curious to explore some of Southern California’s most popular and noteworthy avocado types.

These are the top ten avocados grown in Southern California, especially Redlands:

1. Hass Avocado (Persea Americana ‘Hass’): Let’s start with the most famous of them all, the Hass avocado. This cultivar was first discovered by Rudolph Hass in the 1920s in La Habra Heights, California.

The Hass avocado is now the most widely grown in the world.

It is known for its creamy texture, nutty flavor, and distinctive pebbly skin that turns from green to purplish-black when ripe. The Hass avocado is available year-round and is a staple in many households.

2. Fuerte Avocado (Persea americana ‘Fuerte’): Fuerte avocados are another iconic variety in Southern California. The Fuerte avocado was created in California’s early 20th.

The Fuerte avocado is pear-shaped, with smooth, medium-thick skin that remains green even when ripe.

The Fuerte avocado has a creamy texture and a slightly nutty taste. Fuerte avocado is usually in season from late fall to early spring.

3. Bacon Avocado (Persea americana ‘Bacon’): Bacon avocados are known for their long, slender shape and smooth, thin skin that turns green to yellow when ripe.

The Bacon avocado has a mild, buttery flavor and is typically available from late fall to early spring. This variety is named after James Bacon, a California farmer who cultivated it in the 1950s.

4. Gwen Avocado (Persea americana ‘Gwen’): Gwen avocados are relatively new on the scene, developed in the 1970s.

The Gwen avocado is a hybrid of the Hass and the Fuerte. Gwen avocados have a rich, nutty flavor, and they’re known for their large size, round shape, and thick, green skin.

The Gwen avocado is available from late fall through spring.

5. Pinkerton Avocado (Persea americana ‘Pinkerton’): Pinkerton avocados are pear-shaped, with smooth, thin skin that remains green when ripe. 

The Pinkerton Avocado has a creamy texture and a mild, nutty flavor. This variety is available in late fall and early winter, making it a valuable addition to the avocado season.

6. Zutano Avocado (Persea americana ‘Zutano’): Zutano avocados are known for their elongated shape and smooth, thin skin.

The Zutano avocado has a mild, slightly tangy flavor and is typically in season from early winter through spring. While not as popular as some other varieties, they still have dedicated fans.

7. Reed Avocado (Persea americana ‘Reed’): Reed avocados are large, round avocados with thick, pebbly skin that turns from green to yellow when ripe.

The Reed has a creamy, smooth texture and a rich, buttery flavor. Reed avocados are available from late summer through early winter.

8. Lamb Hass Avocado (Persea americana ‘Lamb Hass’): The Lamb Hass avocado is a variation of the Hass avocado. It is similar in taste and texture but is known for being slightly smaller and having a more compact growth habit.

The Lamb Hass Avocado is available during the same season as the Hass avocado.

9. Puebla Avocado (Persea americana ‘Puebla’): Puebla avocados are an ancient Mexican variety cultivated in Southern California for many years.

The Puebla avocado is small to medium-sized with dark green, pebbly skin and a rich, nutty flavor. Puebla avocados are often used in traditional Mexican dishes.

10. Brogden Avocado (Persea americana ‘Brogden’): Brogden avocados are a lesser-known variety with a unique flavor profile that includes hints of hazelnut.

The Brogden avocado has a thin, green skin and is available from late fall to early spring.

These are just some of the avocado varieties that thrive in Southern California’s ideal climate and fertile soil. While the Hass avocado undoubtedly takes center stage, the diverse range of avocados grown in the region ensures that avocado enthusiasts can enjoy this creamy, nutritious fruit throughout the year.

Whether you prefer the creamy texture of a Hass  Avocadi or the subtle nuttiness of a Fuerte Avocado, Redlands avocado orchards have something to satisfy every avocado lover’s palate. So, the next time you slice into a ripe avocado, take a moment to appreciate the rich avocado heritage of Southern California avocado.

This is a list of the top ten avocados grown in Southern California. 

What is your favorite avocado?

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