King Street Orchard's Celebration of Life Agreement


This Celebration of Life Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on _____________________, between

(Lessee)_______________________________________________________________ and (Lessor) King Street Orchard, LLC.

The parties hereto intend to be legally bound and agree as follows:


King Street Orchard, LLC grants the lessee the use of the King Street Orchard outdoor area for a celebration of life party on __________________ for up to seventy-five people. The outdoor area consists of an outdoor deck area, grass area, and outdoor area surrounded by white fencing.

Date/Time Of Permitted Use

Access to King Street Orchard will begin at _________________ on the date of the event and will end at ___________________.

Rental Fee

Lessee shall pay King Street Orchard, LLC, $1200 to use their outdoor property.

A non-refundable $450 is due at the signing of the contract, $375 is due ten days before the event date _______________, and $375 is due the day before the event is set up _________________.

Lessee agrees to obtain $1,000,000 general liability insurance for the Celebration of Life agreement and $2,000,000 if alcohol is served.


If Lessee cancels this agreement less than ten days before their event, an additional $100 will be owed to King Street Orchard.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of California.

This agreement shall be signed by (Lessee) _____________________________________________ and by

(Lessor) King Street Orchard, LLC __________________________________________